Hard Surface Flooring Restoration Sarasota, FL

SunCoast Flooring Solutions has long been a leader in total tile and grout restoration, but we don't stop there. We also offer flooring restoration!

Many of our customers have hardwood, engineered hardwood, vinyl planking, and laminate and are often lost when it comes to renewing the look of those type of floors. SunCoast Flooring Solutions is here to help with professional flooring restoration services.

The long standing and traditional methods typicslly used for the above floors was sanding and refinishing. That was a messy and expensive process that had its limits, in fact, vinyl and laminate can NOT be renewed by sanding,

Suncoast realized that there had to be something that could work and be cost-effective, and we've routinely put smiles on our customers faces since...

SunCoast can give your floor a renewed finish and involves NO mess, NO sanding, NO toxic smells, and NO fuss. Most of our jobs take ONE day, often less than a full day.

Call SunCoast today for a FREE estimate on flooring restoration services!!